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Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations

Branding – Present a unified image with a logo, chosen colors, slogans, etc. We work with you on logo design, using our graphic artists. We help you choose colors for your business cards, website, signs, ads, letterhead etc. We will create a memorable and unique slogan.

Digital Media – Web Design, Email Marketing, and Social Media Campaigns. We work with you to design and develop your website. We create effective email marketing campaigns that bring results. Social Media is not simply posting on Facebook, for example. The pictures have to be sized correctly, videos must meet requirements, and posts need to be made on a regular basis.

Image Management and Public Relations – Interview coaching and preparation, press releases, etc. We make sure you look good on camera with your topics and potential responses to questions. We write and distribute press releases.

Market Research – Do you know what your customers think of you and your business? Launching a new product and need a focus group to test various design and promotional concepts? We work with our market research associates to deliver meaningful results that will aid you in your marketing decisions.

Broadcast – TV and Radio Advertising as well as Cable Advertising – We will develop the ad storyline, secure the media buy, and generate campaign strategy. We measure in cost per thousand but we can utilize other methods of measuring reach into a given marketing with a Broadcast Media or Cable advertising campaign.

Print Advertising – We can create advertisements for print media, negotiate the media buy, and deliver in a timely fashion. We use the most current design programs to generate sophisticated print advertisements.

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